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Palace Museum weighs ticket fix

Date: 2014.03.03 Editor: Evelyn Shi

The Palace Museum is mulling changing its ticket policy to better protect its heritage and visitors' safety.



It is considering is raising prices in the peak season and reducing them during the offseason to diverse visitors. The museum thinks the peak season is too long to effectively divert visitors, so it may prolong the offseason to April and cutting the peak season by one month. The new prices are still to be decided.


In the other hand, there are currently 10 kinds of concessionary tickets offered to people such as students, seniors and the disabled. These types of tickets might be integrated to improve the efficiency of the ticket office.


At the same time, the museum is planning to issue annual tickets to visitors who come to the Palace Museum frequently to see the architecture and exhibitions. It is still to be discussed how much the annual card should cost and whether it can be used for an unlimited amount of visits.