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New karst caves in Yunnan open to public in July

Date: 2017.04.05 Author: Evelyn Shi

A cluster of karst caves, which feature rarely seen stalagmites, is expected to open to the public in July this year. The karst caves were discovered by local villagers and a protective development plan has been implemented since last April.



In these caves, the longest stalagmite can reach 8 meters. At the entrance of the caves stand four naturally formed bridges, their heights ranging from 6 meters to 25 meters, creating spectacular scenery.


The site is about 4.2 kilometers to the west of Fuyuan county, Qujing city in Yunnan province. Qujing is located in the east of Yunnan, about 130 kilometers east of Kunming, the provincial capital. The journey from Kunming to Qujing takes about three hours.