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New exhibition featuring Xinjiang’s relics opens in National Museum of China

Date: 2019.07.10 Author: Charles Wang

On Tuesday, July 9, an exhibition displaying cultural relics found in Xinjiang, an Autonomous Region in northwest China, opened at National Museum of China.


The exhibition is jointly held by the National Museum of China and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum with a total exhibits number of 191 from the pre-Qin period (pre-221 B.C.) to the Song Dynasty (960-1276) and the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).It wants people to comprehensively understand the ancient culture of Xinjiang and its place within Chinese culture.


Historical relics are not the only part of the exhibition. There are also high-tech multimedia devices showing viewers the people, environment, and culture over thousands of year in the region.


According to official statistics, by discovering over 570 tombs dating back from the Bronze Age and early Iron Age to around the Han Dynasty, Xinjiang excavated about 5,500 cultural relics including pottery, stoneware, metal works and animal bones.