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New direct flight to link Nanchang and Osaka

Date: 2019.09.20 Author: Celia Tang

According to Shenzhen Airlines, a new direct flight will be opened between Nanchang, the capital and ancient city in Jiangxi Province, and Osaka, Japan's second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo.


From October 27th, the flight will be operated by Airbus A320 aircraft of Shenzhen Airlines. The flight ZH8069 will leave Changbei International Airport at 09:00 Beijing time every day. It will arrive at Kansai International Airport at 12:30 local time. The flight time is 2.5 hours. The return flight ZH8070 will depart from Osaka at 14:0 local time. It will arrive in Nanchang at 16:20 Beijing time.


The name of Nanchang literally means 'a prosperous south part of China'. With a history of over 2,200 years, Nanchang locates in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Nanchang is surrounded by many lakes and rivers, which bring a special kind of charm to the city. Nanchang is honored as 'a green pearl in the southern part of China' due to its beautiful sceneries and clear environment.