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New annex of the Palace Museum in Beijing set to be built

Date: 2018.04.13 Author: Raeka Wang

The management team of the Palace Museum in Beijing is going to build a "cultural paradise" for the visitors over the next three years in northwestern Beijing, about 30 kilometers from the Palace Museum itself, a director of the Palace Museum said Wednesday.


The construction is about to begin as scheduled this year after the preliminary design for the new annex has been completed. By combining the spirit and modern technique, the Palace Museum expects to provide more opportunities to improve the Palace Museum itself.


Covering an area of more than 100,000 square meters, the annex of the Palace Museum will include a cultural communication center, horticultural research center, a center for restoration and exhibition of cultural relics and a science and technology branch. Two percent of all its collected relics will be displayed, and this ratio will be increased to ten percent by 2025.


The new annex of the Palace Museum will promote the restoration and horticultural research of the museum. The newly renovated buildings near Shangzhuang in Haidian district will focus on the conservation and exhibition of antiquities and will also include a digital library of the Palace Museum collection.