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National Museum of China opens the immersive exhibition

Date: 2019.06.24 Author: Celia Tang

According to the National Museum of China, an exhibition for the artworks of painter Vincent van Gogh opens on June 22nd. The exhibition is themed as “Vincent van Gogh Art Immersive Experience”, and will last until September 22nd. Later, the exhibition will be open in Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou.


The exhibition is created via a sound and light show. Technicians have used cutting-edge technology to bring the works into life. These easily recognizable elements from Vincent van Gogh's paintings have been digitalized, animated, rearranged and projected onto the ceiling, walls and floor in the exhibition area. The exhibition draws the audience into an immersive look at the life and inner world of this famous Dutch artist.


In recent years, Vincent van Gogh has been the subject of many popular interactive exhibitions around the world. Many digital technologies nowadays are used to offer an insight look into the painter's life and art. Van Gogh's paintings often describe expansive scenes and natural landscapes, which are the ideals for digital projection onto large surfaces like walls and floors.