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National Museum holds a new exhibition to celebrate the Year of Ox

Date: 2021.02.10 Author: Celia Tang
To mark the upcoming Chinese Year of Ox, the National Museum of China exhibits a collection of ox-themed works in Beijing on February 9th. The display presents the close relationship between humans and oxen in the history. 
Ox is the second animal of the Chinese Zodiac Sighs.The ox has been a highly reliable and hard-working symbol since ancient China as one of the earliest tamed animals by the humans.
More than 160 historic items are on display dividing into three units namely Companion with Ox, Artistic Spirit by Ox, Oxen Bless New Year. 
The objects on the show include ceremonial bronzes, sculptures, paintings and etc. with ox elements to display the folks, customs and beliefs of the people in the past. Some artistic objects were created based on the traditional legends.