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Mount Wutai – Chinese Buddhist Mountain got airport in 25th, 2015

Date: 2015.12.28 Editor: Evelyn Shi

An Airbus A320 aircraft of Capital Airlines flied from the coastal city Haikou to the Mount Wutai Airport in Shanxi Province of China on 25th, 2015, marking the beginning of new Mount Wutai Airport operation.


Mount Wutai, the most famous Buddhist Mountain in China, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every day. But the transportation was a quite problem for tourists to get there before. They had to take bus from Taiyuan, Shanxi province to Mount Wutai for about four hours. The opening of the airport in Mount Wutai made visitors convenient to travel in Shanxi province.



The Mount Wutai-Haikou flight will run every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The airport will open more routes linking the Buddhist resort with major domestic Chinese cities including Shanghai, Dalian, Kunming and Chengdu.


The Mount Wutai airport, 71 km from the core scenic site, is expected to receive 350,000 passengers a year in 2020.


There are two airport bus routes to downtown Xinzhou and Mount Wutai directly. The ticket price to downtown Xinzhou is 40 Yuan per person. The ticket price to Mount Wutai is 80 Yuan per person.