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Mogao Caves to open night tours in 2019

Date: 2019.03.15 Author: Celia Tang

Mogao Caves is a UNESCO world cultural heritage in Dunhuang City - an important city along the Silk Road in the northwest China’s Gansu Province. It was announced by Dunhuang Academy China on March 12th, Mogao Caves will be officially opened to the public for night tours later this year to attract more tourists.


Mogao Caves also known as the Thousand Buddha Grottoes, which is the largest Buddhist cave in the world, and also an essential part of the tourism resources in Dunhuang. It is a tremendous palace of art blending peculiar ancient architectures, spectacular painted sculptures and marvelous diverse murals. Mogao Caves was built in 366 AD, there are nearly five hundred caves altogether. The large collection of Buddhist figures in the caves is telling the splendid history and the outstanding cultural achievements to people around the world.


The launch of the night tours from mid-April to early May will provide customized cultural services for tourists. Visitors can not only have the night tour to Mogao Caves, but also have the chances to have the tour to Yangguan Pass and Yumenguan Pass, two major passes of ancient China along the historic Silk Road.