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Miao Chong’an art exhibition opens in Beijing

Date: 2020.08.07 Author: Celia Tang

On August 4, Miao Chong’an art exhibition opens in National Museum of China. The art exhibition is sponsored by National Museum of China, Chinese Artists Association, China National Academy of Painting, and Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.


There are more than one hundred representative works of Mr. Miao Chong'an in different periods are on display in this exhibition. The art works are trying to explore their relationship with tradition, the relationship with the times, the relationship with the environment, and the spirit of the artist based on in-depth observation of the work.


The exhibition also breaks out of the usual patterns of the art exhibitions. Instead, it uses Miao Chong'an's paintings as the individual cases, to explore the new ways of the dialogue with predecessors. In his early years, Mr. Miao Chong'an studied in Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. On the broad basis of realist aesthetics, the traditional Chinese paintings are injected with epic feelings, which carry the spirit of Chinese civilization, reflecting the strong revolutionary romantic passions.