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Lavender Festival to be Opened in Xinjiang

Date: 2012.04.20 Editor: Evelyn Shi

Themed on lavender, the 2nd Lavender Festival is to be held in Huocheng County in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on 15th June. The Festival lasts for 4 days, displaying local tourist products, holding a group wedding, and offering field experiences and other 18 activities in total.


Known as the Oriental Provence, Huocheng County situates at northwestern Xinjiang, and the west part of Tianshan Mountain as well. As one of the three lavender plantation bases in the world, Huocheng County owns the lavender planting area of 300 hectares.


Huocheng County, as a key town of the world-famous ancient Silk Road, has a long history and beautiful scenery. The rich tourism resources include Huiyuan ancient city, Daxi Valley, Tukai Desert, Temple of Longevity Hill, Sayram Lake and so on. Huiyuan ancient city serves as the political, military and cultural center of Xinjiang during the Qing Dynasty; Daxi Valley is the only wild plum production base in Asia; the Tukai Desert is a desert in oasis; the site of the Temple of Longevity Hill known as the largest Taoist resort in the Qing Dynasty; Sayram Lake famed as the most beautiful mountainous lake in Xinjiang; and the long grape corridor represents a modern agricultural tourist area.