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Kunqu Opera

Date: 2013.03.11 Editor: Mary Bai

600 years of Kunqu Opera and 200 years of A Dream of Red Mansions -- the former a beautiful form of drama, the latter a classic novel. Now they are united into one and shown on the big screen. "Dream of Red Mansion", a classic Chinese tale told in traditional Kunqu Opera art form, has become a big hit.


This adaptation is based on the classic novel "Dream of Red Mansion". The "musical" made its first film debut at the Peking University Centennial Memorial Hall. "Dream of Red Mansion" tells of the rise and fall of the Rongguo Family -- an aristocratic family in the Qing Dynasty. The music, rhythm of Kunqu Opera is brought to the audience in its entire original flavor.

Kunqu Opera is one of the oldest forms of opera still existing in China, with its origins dating back to the end of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).

The production will tour various theatres in universities across Beijing before hitting movie theatres. And the producers are sitting loose to box office results, as their primary goal is to explore a path forward of the traditional art.