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Ice and snow festival kicks off in Beijing Yangqing District

Date: 2019.12.12 Author: Celia Tang

On December 10th, the 34th ice and snow festival of Yanqing District of Beijing officially kicked off at Beijing Wanka Shijinglong Ski Resort.


A total of 60 colorful events are held on the festival, which can help visitors experience and have fun in the cold winter. The ice and snow carnival, ice lantern-themed art festival, and ice and snow competitions are the main activities on the festival.


At the opening ceremony of the festival, culture and tourism departments of China’s Beijing Municipality, Tianjin Municipality, and Hebei Province jointly signed and released a joint proposal for regional cooperation on promoting the development of culture-oriented winter tourism.


Beijing Yanqing District is one of the host sites for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Yanqing District boasts rich tourism resources of ice and snow. Yanqing District now is geared up to improve its overall quality of tourism services and develop its own tourism model. There are many scenic spots in Longqing Gorge, including Cockscomb Mountain, Mt. Songshan, Mt. Yudu, and Wild Duck Lake.