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Hong Kong’s entry quarantine shortened to 3+4 for overseas travelers

Date: 2022.08.08 Author: Liu Shan

Hong Kong's entry quarantine policy has been loosened again. On August 8, Hong Kong Chief Executive Li Jiachao announced that the hotel quarantine time for overseas arrivals in Hong Kong was officially shortened to “3+4”, means 3 days of hotel quarantine plus 4 days of home medical surveillance.


After completing the hotel quarantine, travelers can stay at home or in a hotel for the four days of surveillance. The 4-days health monitoring regulations are relatively loose, which with a negative daily rapid test, people can take public transportation, go to shopping malls, department stores, markets and etc., but cannot enter the listed places which “vaccine passport” has been actively verified; nor can participate in the activities of taking off their masks.


In order to cooperate with the new quarantine policy, Hong Kong has also launched a “red, yellow and blue code” for safe travel. “Red code” persons are prohibited from leaving the quarantine site; quarantine persons who test negative will be given a “yellow code” and can go out during the medical surveillance period; after that, it will be automatically converted to “blue code”. Moreover, travelers are required to do a daily rapid test until the 10th day. People with “yellow code” must also take nucleic acid testing on the 6th, 7th and 9th days.


Not only Hong Kong, but also Macau has relaxed its epidemic prevention policy. From August, for those who enter Macau from foreign countries or Hong Kong, the time for centralized quarantine will be shortened to 7 days and 3-days for self-health management.