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Haikou opens photo exhibition on wild animals

Date: 2020.04.13 Author: Celia Tang

A photo exhibition recently opens in Haikou on April 10. Themed on “WILD”, the exhibition aims to call for the public to protect wild animals. The exhibition displays nearly 100 photographs about the wild animals, and people can come to experience the “wild beauty”. The exhibition will run through May 10.


The photo exhibition tells the stories of the animals behind the photos, and show the "wild beauty” of nature through vivid image presentation and subtle space. The exhibition includes 6 major parts, including "Beauty of the Wild", "In My Neighborhood", "Transient World", "The Joy of Heaven", "Wild and Us" and "Dialogue".


According to the organizer of the exhibition, all the ticket incomes of the exhibition will be used to purchase infrared trigger cameras to monitor the areas, where the wild animals may exist in the suburbs of Haikou. The cameras will be helpful to understand the species, numbers and distributions of the wild animals in Haikou, and experts will have more effective methods to protect the wild animals.