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Gongtan Ancient Town holds the Folk Song Festival

Date: 2020.06.02 Author: Celia Tang

According to Chongqing Youyang Taohuayuan Tourism and Investment Group, the Gongtan Ancient Town Folk Song Festival is held in the quiet Gongtan Ancient Town. Every weekend until June 30, the folk singers will sing classic folk songs for people in the town.


In the ease and quaint Gongtan Ancient Town, people can hear some well-known folk songs whether walking along the riverside or wandering on the ancient stone paves. Many well-known folk singers were invited to the festival. They found the musical inspirations in Gongtan Ancient Town and they sing with a pure soul here.


Gongtan Ancient Town is the first historical and cultural town in Chongqing, which is a National 4A Class Scenic Spot. It sits along the riverside of Wujiang, and is known as "the core scenic spot and bright pearl of Wujiang".


According to the Chongqing Taohuayuan Tourism and investment Group, the purpose of holding the folk song festival is to make every corner of Gongtan Ancient Town full of music. Gongtan Ancient Town has the unique charms, and now it is even more ingenious to hold the folk song festival here.