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German artist Katharina Grosse opens solo exhibition in Guangzhou

Date: 2019.05.06 Author: Celia Tang

German artist Katharina Grosse opens a solo art exhibition recently in Guangzhou. The exhibition opens at Chi K11 Art Museum and will run through June 2nd. Katharina Grosse is a famous German artist, who is well known for her in situ paintings. Grosse started to use spray gun to paint across surfaces besides canvas since the late 1990s.


The works on the show consist hundreds of meters of fabric, on which Grosse orchestras a symphony of colors, falls from the ceiling of the art space and covers the floor to form an encircled drape. Grosse uses a rich scheme of colors, which presents an explosive visual effect at first sight, and then gives a soothing touch as one looks at her work for a while. She often embraces the audience in an all-immersive environment.


Katharina Grosse allows the audience to revise their perceptions of painting, sculpture and architecture. "I believe that the artist, the art works, the site and the viewer are entangled into a relationship of mutual dependence, which gives rise to an ecology,” Grosse often says.