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Gateway to the Silk Road exhibition opens in Beijing

Date: 2019.05.16 Author: Celia Tang

National Museum of China opens the exhibition of artifacts “Gateway to the Silk Road” on May 16th. The exhibition offers visitors a glimpse into the variety ethnic cultures and of archaeological discoveries made in Gansu Province, in Northwest China. The exhibition is set to run a through July 21st.


The exhibition is re-organized by National Museum of China and Gansu Provincial Museum. On the exhibition, there are more than 500 objects are on shown, which trace Gansu's history back to the Dadiwan culture of the Neolithic period, around 8,000 years ago. Archaeologists have found some of the earliest evidence for agricultural production in East Asia.


The artifacts on the exhibition includes the written bamboo sheets, textiles, coins and Buddhist figurines that stand as testament to both Gansu's role in ancient trade routes along the Silk Road and the cultural communication between the East and West. The exhibition will help people to better understand the evolution of China's ethnic groups.