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From 29 April, only antigen testing is required for inbound travelers

Date: 2023.05.05 Author: Liu Qingyun

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning announces that from April 29, all inbound travelers may choose to take antigen tests within 48 hours prior to boarding instead of nucleic acid tests. Meanwhile, airlines will no longer check pre-departure testing results, which will further facilitate cross-border travel.


Antigen testing, a self-test, can easily identify people who are infected with COVID-19. Test kits are available online, in pharmacies and retail stores. Read the complete manufacturer’s instructions for use before using it. A positive COVID-19 test means you are infected. Otherwise, the test has not detected the virus. And the negative test within 48 hours is a must for inbound travelling.


In order to have a healthy and pleasant trip and a safe journey, inbound travelers need to look after their health in the run-up to their departure and strictly follow the COVID protocols of China and their travel destinations.