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Free visits to museums in Beijing on International Museum Day

Date: 2018.05.10 Author: Celia Tang

May 18 is the International Museum Day. The theme this year is “Hyper-connected museums: New approaches, new publics”. On that day, about 100 museums in Beijing will be free for people to visit, among which 17 museums normally charge an entrance fee.


In addition, in order to celebrate the International Museum Day, a series of activities will be launched in Beijing’s museums. These activities include exhibitions and lectures, which are related to the museum’s history and culture. According to the municipal administration of cultural heritage, a new topic webpage will be released on May 18, which provides visiting experiences in the virtual way.


Every year on International Museum Day, different celebration activities are held in the museums around the world. More than 36,000 museums in 157 countries celebrated the festivity last year, and some celebrations even lasted for a whole week.


The International Museum Day successfully builds up relationships between museums and the public. These activities on International Museum Day help people to understand museums’ career and the importance of protecting the heritage. People will focus more on culture relic’s development by visiting museums.