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Exhibition shows changes in Beijing

Date: 2014.03.18 Editor: Evelyn Shi

Colorful Beijing and Chinese Dream, a calligraphy and painting exhibition is held in Beijing. The exhibition aims to mix tradition and innovation by having the country's top artists depict the capital's modern images, under the themes, "Urban Style", "Beautiful Countryside" and "Ecological Civilization".


The 125 pieces of artwork on display include 84 traditional ink paintings, 10 oil paintings and six calligraphy works. The renowned artists featured include Liu Dawei, chairman of the China Artists Association. More than 100 artists, 80 percent of whom are members of national-level artist and calligrapher associations, were encouraged to go into Beijing's old neighborhoods, modern districts, suburbs and countryside to capture the capital's recent changes.


The exhibition opened at the Capital Library of China on March 10 and will run until March 24, after which it will also tour to New York and Moscow. After the international tour, some of the artworks will be donated to charity organizations.