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Exhibition - A Jouney in Love opens at Beijing Today Art Museum

Date: 2019.04.03 Author: Celia Tang

The ongoing exhibition - A Journey in Love opens at Beijing Today Art Museum from March 30th to June 30th. The exhibition explores the experiences of travelers connecting with different cultures, through different forms of installations, pictures and short animated films.


Andy Warhol is one of the artists involving the exhibition. Through pictures and portraits of him, and also photos he took during his visit to China in the 1980s, he captures Beijing of a bygone era. Besides photos and videos recording foreign artists visiting China, other works by young Chinese artists focus on very personal experiences and offer visitors vicarious visual journeys. The animated film New Shan Hai Jing transports you to a distorted world, or hell, one that some more sensitive visitors might find disturbing.


At the end of the exhibition, there is an installation mimics a classroom. The artist believes our memories about classrooms from our childhood are an irreplaceable form of travel in our lives.


Andy Warhol said that in the past, people rarely mentioned culture and tourism at the same time, even if they did travel to a certain place because of its unique culture. However, the two concepts are now developing together in a new ear.