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Eighteen air routes open in Xinjiang

Date: 2020.07.02 Author: Celia Tang

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has the vast territory and abundant resources. Recently, the demand for travel and tourism continues to grow, so the convenient air travel has become the first choice. According to Xinjiang Civil Aviation Bureau, seven airlines will open 18 air routes in Xinjiang from July 1 in succession.


Xinjiang Civil Aviation Bureau has approved and issued business licenses for seven airlines planning to open regular flights in Xinjiang, including China Southern Airlines, Urumqi Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Qingdao Airlines, Spring Airlines and Huaxia Airlines.


China Southern Airlines opens "Urumqi-Zhengzhou", "Urumqi-Zhengzhou-Xiamen" and "Urumqi-Korla-Hetian" round-trip routes from July 1. Shandong Airlines opens the "Urumqi-Yinchuan-Changsha" and "Urumqi-Altai" round-trip routes from July 1. Xiamen Airlines plans to open the "Urumqi-Korla" round-trip routes. Qingdao Airlines plans to open "Turpan-Changsha" and "Turpan-Changzhou" round-trip routes. Spring Airlines opens the "Urumqi-Lanzhou" round-trip route from July 1.


Before new 18 air routes were approved, 220 air routes have been operating in Xinjiang by the end of May.