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Egyptian antiquities exhibition opens in Tianjin Museum

Date: 2019.05.29 Author: Celia Tang

Tianjin Museum opens the Egyptian antiquities exhibition recently. The exhibition is hosted by Tianjin Culture and Tourism Bureau and organized by Tianjin Museum, which will continue until August 18th. Then, the relics will be exhibited in the eastern province of Jiangsu and southern Guangdong Province.


On the exhibition, 180 sets of Egyptian antiquities are showed to the public, which feature the precious Egyptian artifacts collected by seven Italian museums, including the National Archaeological Museum of Florence and the National Archaeological Museum of Venice. The exhibition presents the ancient Egyptians' life along the Nile, and their religions, offering the audience a glimpse into the ancient civilization.


According to the deputy curator of Tianjin Museum, "the ancient Egyptian civilization has left rich cultural heritages to human beings, such as its mythology, written languages and pyramids.” The exhibition will let more Chinese visitors better understand the ancient civilization, the unique role of divinities in the Egyptian culture and the unique meanings of reincarnation.