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Cultural relics are discovered at Buddhist temple site in Chongqing

Date: 2020.02.06 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, Chinese archeologists in Chongqing Municipality have unearthed more than 900 pieces of cultural relics in a local stone Buddhist temple, which was discovered in Jiangjin District.


According to the Chongqing Cultural Heritage Research Institute, archeologists have completed the excavation work of an area of about 4,600 square meters in the stone Buddhist temple. The excavation work has already lasted for three years.


During the excavation, over 50 sites of buildings, tombs, rock carvings and rock inscriptions from the Tang Dynasty (618 A.D.-907 A.D.) to the Qing Dynasty (1644 A.D.-1911 A.D.) were founded. Through the working process, archeologists also made clear of the structures of the temple, according to Niu Yingbin, an expert with the institute.


The cultural relics being discovered have important and great scientific, historical and artistic values. The relics will help provide new materials for the study of the local history and Buddhist culture in ancient China.