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Coming to Tibet and viewing cole flowers

Date: 2020.07.14 Author: Celia Tang

Every year in July and August, at the foot of the mountains, thousands of acres of the cole flowers are blooming in Tibet Autonomous Region, which decorates the surroundings like the southern China.


Thousands of acres of rape flowers are blooming under the blue sky and white clouds in Tibet’s Zhanang County, Shannan City. The clear waters and green mountains in the distance together forming a picturesque landscape. The beautiful scenery has attracted many people taking photos there.


There are another several places to view the cole flowers in China. The flower season of Luoping County, Yunnan Province, is the earliest in China. The best period is generally in February and March every year. The flower season of Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province, is generally in the beginning of March and mid-April. In Qinghai Province, the cole flowers bloom from the end of June until to August. It is the best to travel in July, at that time, the scenery is very beautiful.