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Chongqing will exhibit Mona Lisa’s Smile in April

Date: 2019.03.11 Author: Celia Tang

Themed as “Mona Lisa's Smile and Three Renaissance Masters - Collection of the Bellini Family”, this special exhibition will be open at Chongqing Art Museum since April 26th until August 8th. During the exhibition, visitors can see the real cultural relics such as “Mona Lisa’s Smile”, “Santa Ana”, and "Crucifix” created 600 years ago by Three Renaissance Masters, which will be a feast of cultural exchange between China and the West.


The exhibition will be divided into three parts: Immortal Works, Family Inheritance and Contemporary Salute. The 161 paintings, sculptures and art treasures of contemporary artists to be on display have been collected and passed down by 21 generations of the Bellini Family over 600 years.


Chongqing Art Museum will use 2,100 square meters with three exhibition zones to exhibit the valuable artworks. The exhibition will also use the modern AR/VR technology, which helps to better present the audiovisual effect.  Through this kind of technology, visitors will experience the cultural life scenes which happened in Florence 600 years ago. Visitors will seem to immerse themselves in the real world of Renaissance period.