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Chongqing Playa Maya Water Park to open soon

Date: 2020.06.15 Author: Celia Tang

Chongqing Playa Maya Water Park will officially open on June 21. Many popular amusements facilities will be opened too. The water park locates in Liangjiang New District, with the water area of 180,000 square meters.


According to the officer of Chongqing Playa Maya Water Park, people can enjoy the exciting outdoor amusements on land and water, such as sky roller coaster, water roller coaster, Big Horn, Large Pendulum, sky roller coaster, Turbo Drop, flume ride and rainbow slide.


More than 20 imported amusement projects are expected to bring people the cool and exciting game experiences. In addition, the Maya Beach Water Park will also open recreational water play areas specially designed for children and families. Tipping buckets, slides, climbing nets and other facilities allow families to enjoy a different kind of water journey. The 59-yuan early bird ticket for Chongqing Playa Maya Water Park has been released in advance to celebrate the opening.