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Chongqing opens the first Sericulture Street

Date: 2021.04.21 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, the first Sericulture Street in Chongqing built by the Chongqing Sericulture Science and Technology Research Institute was officially opened. People can come to the street to learn about the life of the silkworm, understand the evolution of the sericulture from the ancient to the modern times.


Located in Chongqing Sericulture Science and Technology Research Institute in Dongyang, Beibei, it is the first industrial street in Chongqing with the theme of sericulture, incorporating a variety of forms such as the popularization of sericulture knowledge and the display of special products, showing the strong cultural accumulation of sericulture.


The silkworm science activities were also set up with the interesting and interactive themes, where the public experienced painting mulberry leaves, picking mulberries, operating manual silk reeling, enjoying silk embroidery and making silk quilts up close.