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Chongqing opens Cold Beer Camping Music Carnival

Date: 2020.07.31 Author: Celia Tang

According to the Publicity Department of Chongqing Fengdu County, the 2nd Fengdu Nantian Lake Cold Beer Camping Music Carnival opens on July 22. During the carnival, a lot of exciting music carnival activities will be held. The carnival will last for more than one month, until August 30.


During the festival, Nantian Lake Tourist Resort will hold wonderful activities for people, where you can appreciate the racing stunts of champion of the World Rally Championship, and the “Nantian Lake Cup” National Dry Ski Challenge. You can also witness a romantic lakeside wedding ceremony. The wonderful performances will let people learn more about Chongqing’s unique cultures. People can listen to music, drink beer and camp under the starry sky on the vast lake shores at the altitude of 1,800 meters, ease and interesting.


Nantian Lake Tourist Resort lies in the mountains and dense forests with an average altitude of 1,800 meters. It has a thousand acres of the natural lakes, which are rare in the southwest China. The resort is only 168 kilometers away from the city center of Chongqing. The verdant mountains surround the clear lake. The grasslands, streams and waters, and vast forests make it a wonderful place for people to travel and enjoy nature.