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Chongqing opens calligraphy works exhibition

Date: 2019.05.24 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, the National Calligraphy and Seal Carving Works Exhibition of 14 cities opens at Chongqing Liangjiang Art Museum. Various national calligraphy masterpieces will be displayed on the exhibition.


On the exhibition, 97 calligraphy works are showed to the public, which include the cursive handwriting, the regular script and the seal character. The works of calligraphy doctors, like Wang Wenxian and Xu Haidong would also be exhibited there. The cursive handwriting works of Wang Wenxian in the exhibition looked copious and fluent, while the regular script work of Xu Haidong seemed elegant and graceful.


The calligraphy exhibition not only sets up a platform for calligraphy artists to exchange their views, but also injects vitality into the exchange and cooperation of multi-field art and literature in the future. According to Huang Guo, the member of Yubei Publicity Department, the exhibition aims to build a national name card of art and literature and make it a brand calligraphy activity of great influence in China.