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Chongqing Lantern Exhibition opens

Date: 2020.10.28 Author: Celia Tang

On October 23, the lighting ceremony of the first Chongqing-Zigong-Yidu Lantern Exhibition was officially launched in Yidu Ancient Town, Dadukou District. This year’s lantern exhibition will last until February next year. Also, the Hanfu Cultural Festival and other exciting activities will also be launched in the future. 


On the opening ceremony, the antique warship, Bayu architectures and sculpture of Chongqing City outlined by colored lanterns, combined with sound, light, electricity and other technological elements, brought a visual feast for visitors.


The theme of this year’s lantern exhibition is “Lighting up the Yangtze River and Shining the Mountain City”, with a total layout of more than 70 lighting sets.


At that night, the lighting set of “Oriental Dragon”, which set a Guinness World Record and is known as the masterpiece of Zigong hand-made porcelain lantern, was the highlight of the lantern exhibition. The dragon has a length of about 130 meters and a weight of 25 tons, the porcelain dragon was made of tens of thousands of pieces of Jingde Town’s blue and white porcelain bundled together.