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Chongqing Jianchuan Museum opened on June 18

Date: 2018.06.21 Author: Celia Tang

Chongqing Jianchuan Museum opened to the public on June 18. It was located in the E’gongyan Park in Jiulongpo District. The district is the former site of the Hanyang Armory after moving to Chongqing, which is set up by Zhang Zhidong during the Westernization Movement. There are altogether 55 air-raid shelters in this district. This museum is a museum cluster set up by using 24 air-raid shelter bodies of military production during the Anti-Japanese War.


Covering a total area of about 15,000 square meters, the exhibition displayed more than 40,000 cultural items. More than sixty first-grade cultural relics of the state are also included. Most of the items are modern or historical materials and objects from the Anti-Japanese War, and the recordings of military work and folk customs.


Chongqing Jianchuan Museum consists of eight theme museums: Ordnance Bureau First Factory Site Museum, Anti-Japanese War Cultural Museum, Weapons Development History Museum, Ticket Life Museum, Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Museum, Chongqing Story Museum, Chinese Xi (wedding) Culture Museum and Folk Pray Culture Museum.


In the museum, people can get the special stamps with unique designs. A variety of interactive experience and games are also provided to the visitors, which can meet the needs of different ages and interests.


The opening hour of Chongqing Jianchuan Museum is from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. A through-ticket of 50 RMB per person is available for all eight museums.