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Chongqing Dianjiang Huaxia Peony Garden opens

Date: 2019.03.21 Author: Celia Tang

On March 20th, the Dianjiang Huaxia Peony Garden in Chongqing opens to public. According to the Organizing Committee of the 12th Dianjiang Peony Cultural Festival, various peonies all over the mountain grow well: some are ready to burst, and others are in full bloom, forming a dynamic scene.


In the garden this year, a garden of Chinese Herbaceous Peony, a garden of Peach Blossom, a 2,000 square meters’ Sakura park and a snack street are constructed. Six rest areas are set in order to bring the visitors with more premium services. Also, the wooden barriers in the garden get replaced to ensure that visitor can have a good time visiting the peonies.


With elaborate construction in recent years, Dianjiang Huaxia Peony Garden expanded the visiting areas. Up to now, the peonies in this garden cover for about 80 hectare, including 27 hectare of Dianjiang Peony, and 7 hectare of Huaxia Red Peony.


Inside Dianjiang Huaxia Peony Garden, there are over 50 kinds of domestic peonies and over 100 kinds of foreign peonies. The garden also has more than 30 peonies, which are over 30 years. The best period for appreciating the peony is from late March to mid-April. Some late-stage peonies can last to May.