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Chongqing Art Museum opens student art exhibition

Date: 2019.04.22 Author: Celia Tang

The 26th Students Works Exhibition of Oil Painting Department, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute opens at Chongqing Art Museum. The theme of the exhibition is “Punctum”, which is sponsored by Chongqing Art Museum and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.


Nearly 200 pieces of the art works from the students are showed to the public, which deliver students’ creative achievements and express their talent and vitality in creations. The theme word "punctum" used in photography shows that the unique details in the art works can arouse other’s feelings. It is full of contingency and at the same time, it has the power of touching and activating people's inner feelings.


On this exhibition, the students give more deep meanings to this word. The word can be regarded as the proof of artists’ creative attitude of pursuing impact and vitality, and the ideological ability of self-denial and criticism. According to Wang Pengjie, the professor of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, he hopes the students can do more research in the art field in the future, because the value of art is to provide the self-renewal ability.