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China’s “Toilet Revolution” is boosting

Date: 2020.03.10 Author: Celia Tang

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, digital technology has helped to boost the "toilet revolution" in tourism sector in China, which was launched in 2015, in order to increase  and improve the sanitation of toilets for tourists.


Last year, a total of 22,300 tourist toilets were built throughout the country. With the corporation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Baidu Maps, an online e-map of tourist toilets was launched in 2019. At present, there are about 98,000 toilets in 32 provincial-level regions across the country can be searched online.


The application of the digital technology has greatly improved the public toilets services for tourists in China. In the future, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will launch the online map service for all the tourist toilets in all A-level scenic areas across the country. All the tourist toilets will focus on the cleanliness, practicability, and convenience. At the same time, the feedback system, intelligent management system, and the informationization level of tourist toilet management will also be improved gradually.