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Chengdu Museum opens Imari Porcelain Exhibition

Date: 2020.07.29 Author: Celia Tang

Themed on “Jingyan: Chinese and Japanese Imari Porcelain from the Qing Dynasty”, the Imari Porcelain Exhibition opens in the Chengdu Museum on July 3. The exhibition is showcasing 168 pieces of Imari porcelain from both China and Japan. The exhibition will open for free until Oct 11.


Imari porcelain refers to the porcelain produced in the 17th to 18th century in Japan under the influence of China's Jingdezhen-style porcelain. Its name Imari comes from Port Imari, where the porcelain was shipped for sales overseas.


The exhibition connects the century-old history of Imari porcelain between China and Japan, witnesses the integration of Chinese and Western technology and cultural exchanges on the Maritime Silk Road in the 17th and 18th centuries. The exhibition has three parts. It presents the evolution of Japanese Imari porcelain's export process and artistic style from its birth to its prosperity.