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Chaoshan wood carving exhibition opens

Date: 2020.09.22 Author: Celia Tang

A Universe of Sculpting, an exhibition features of Chaoshan wood carvings opens at the National Museum of China. The exhibition shows a selection of vintage articles of furniture and decorations, that exemplify the refinement of Chaoshan wood carving techniques.


The objects on show are taken from the collections of several museums in Guangdong and present a variety of intriguing sculpting skills that generations of artisans have created of the fine wood. They beautify people's homes and the diverse patterns reflect the lifestyles held dear to local people as well as illustrate folk tales and stories mentioned in classic Chinese texts.


Chaoshan is a coastal region in eastern Guangdong Province which borders Fujian Province. Over the course of centuries, Chaoshan has cultivated a unique local language and culture. The carving of intricate wood objects is an artistic heritage of the area, providing people with its master craftsmanship, gilt layers and vivid colors.