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Bruno Walpoth’s art exhibition opens in Hangzhou

Date: 2018.11.30 Author: Celia Tang

The Italian sculpture artist Bruno Walpoth is known as "one of the greatest wood sculptors of the century". He opened his first solo exhibition in Asia, which kicked off in Zhejiang Art Museum in Hangzhou City, which is famous for the natural beauty and historical and cultural heritage. The exhibition opened on November 29th and will last till December 23rd.


Following a release of a series of lectures and a new book that came out on November 25th, the art exhibition is titled "Silent Emotion", which displayed over 20 pieces of art, including paintings, paper sculptures, copper sculptures as well as the wooden sculpture. A video photographing the artist's creation process will also be on show.


Bruno Walpoth born up from a family of wood sculptors, and he honors a centuries-old tradition and modernizes it for the 21st century. He carves life-sized human figures from blocks of wood, and finishes the sculptures with acrylic paint. His art works was exhibited in Zhejiang Art Museum this time. Zhejiang Art Museum has covers 35,000 square meters and is opposite to the West Lake. Since its opening in August 2009, Zhejiang Art Museum has successfully hosted numerous excellent exhibitions, which exerts important influence at home and abroad.