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Bruno Walpoth opens solo exhibition in Beijing

Date: 2019.03.27 Author: Celia Tang

Italian sculptor - Bruno Walpoth holds a solo wood are exhibition in Beijing from March 35th to May 1st. The exhibition opens at the Art Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, which shows Walpoth's exploration of sculpting life-size figures since the 1980s.


Bruno Walpoth was born and raised in Groden, a valley in the northern Italy famous for the woodcarving over the centuries. He dreamed of becoming a skillful artist during this childhood. He has adopted a figurative approach, producing contemporary sculptures that dwell on the current mentality of people. He never employs assistances and deals all the works on his own, including selecting, picking up and cutting the wood.


Bruno Walpoth also tried an abstract style and other materials for carving. But he only thinks that sculpting wood figures was the best way to express himself. His art works involves a feeling of loneliness and desolation, and a reflection of their own states of mind. Through the exhibition, Walpoth shares the visitors with the beauty of carving on wood and his thoughts on people's inner worlds.