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Border River Fishing Festival to be held in Sino-Russian Cities

Date: 2012.03.09 Editor: Evelyn Shi

The first Sino-Russian Heilongjiang River fishing festival will be jointly held by two sides in July and December in border cities in northeast China's Heilongjiang province and Russia's Amur region, said a spokesman with local government on Tuesday.


The festival will be held respectively in summer and winter in Heihe city in Heilongjiang and Blagoveshchensk in Amur, said the spokesman with Heihe municipal government. The fishing competition will be held on the Heilongjiang River and on one river in Blagoveshchensk for two days on each site, he added.


The festival includes various forms of activities such as the fishing competition, award ceremony and Sino-Russian recreational gala.


The Heilongjiang River is well known for its abundant fish resources, including the turgeon, salmon and wild cyprinoid. Therefore, aside from the fishing competition, a gourmet festival with art performances will also be held in both border cities.