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Birdcage Cultural Museum opens in Chengdu

Date: 2019.10.22 Author: Celia Tang

On October 19th, the Birdcage Cultural Museum opened in Gucheng Town in Chengdu City, Southwest China's Sichuan Province.


The Birdcage Cultural Museum has over 1,000 birdcages in total. The museum has three floors in total. The first floor introduces four categories of birdcages in China, and the samples from each category are exhibited there. The second floor shows some exquisite birdcages. In addition, an experience area for visitors to learn how to make their own birdcages is also opened to the public. The third floor includes a music studio and a handicraft display area.


Bamboo birdcage is listed as a provincial level intangible cultural heritage in Sichuan Province since 2015. Gucheng Town also claims to be "the hometown of Chinese birdcages" in the western part of China. It is also the unique cultural memory and artistic heritage of Gucheng Town in Chengdu. At present, hundreds of local people are still engaged in this industry in Sichuan Province.