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Beijing Yimei Art Museum opens the sculpture exhibition

Date: 2020.11.26 Author: Celia Tang

From October 30th to December 6th, the "Coming South · Going North - China Contemporary Academy Sculpture Invitational Exhibition" opens at Beijing Yimei Art Museum.


This exhibition integrates the sculpture teaching and creation achievements of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University over the years. It intends to showcase the sculpture features through the representative works of 45 professional teachers and artists.


The theme of the exhibition contains several concepts, including "south" and "north", "coming" and "going", "academy" and "contemporary", "concrete" and "abstract", focusing on the college sculpture teaching under the background of globalization, the space and time of sculpture, the integration of sculpture and technology, and the ontological language of sculpture.


The exhibition will be a collision and exchange between sculpture art styles of southern and northern China and cultures, and it will also be a grand event in the cultural and art session.