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Beijing Starts to Sell Museum Pass for 2018

Date: 2017.11.28 Author: Rosie Wu

From now on, tourists in Beijing could buy Beijing Museum Pass 2018 - a pocket book that covers 113 museums in the historical city. The pass allows people to visit the listed museums for free or at great discounts in 2018. Price of each booklet is 120 Yuan which save visitors more then 3, 000 Yuan in total.

The pocket book also provides specific information about each museum including theme, location, contact, opening time, transportation information, parking and so on. Most museums provide free entry for 2 people and some of them allow to be visited without making appointments.

The museums on the list are mostly publicly owned, but some well-renowned private museums are also included, such as a gallery famous for rare art of Mayan culture. However, the Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden Palace, is EXCLUDED.

You may purchase the Beijing Museum Pass 2018 in post offices, the listed museums or in Xinhua Bookstores in Beijing. The pass can also be be purchased through Wechat and Taobao.