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Beijing Daxing International Airport launches the free tourism project

Date: 2020.06.10 Author: Celia Tang

On June 1, Beijing Daxing International Airport officially launched the "Discovery World" tourism project. Tourists can reserve the tours in advance online, and then enjoy the tour services for free at the public areas of the terminal.


With its unique architectural style, beautiful design curve, rich cultural heritage, Beijing Daxing International Airport has attracted many people coming to visit. Up to now, the current daily limit is 3000 people. There is a dedicated tourist reception counter at Gate 20 of the terminal.


During the tour, the instructor will guide the tourists to visit the must-see attractions in the public area of the terminal. Tourists can visit the "One Line One City", "Dandelion", "Jianjia", "Flower Set-Peach Blossom", "Chinese Characters", "National Gate" and other landscapes along the way. The tour will promote the humanistic concept of the airport construction, introduce passenger travel tips and airport services, so that tourists can enjoy an artistic tour in the airport.


In order to provide better services for passengers, all catering and retail stores of Beijing Daxing International Airport have resumed business according to the passenger volume and flight schedule. Some stores have been open for 24 hours, in order to ensure that all the passengers are provided with commercial security at all times.