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Beijing Central Green Forest Park opens to the public

Date: 2020.10.13 Author: Celia Tang

Beijing Central Green Forest Park is officially opened on September 29 to the public. The park is located in Beijing’s Tongzhou District, has a planned area of 11.2 square kilometers, of which the first phase of the park covers an area of 5.39 square kilometers.


The Beijing Central Green Forest Park is an open park, highlighting the integrity of the natural ecosystem, and can greatly enhance the sense of leisure of the surrounding residents. The park shows the ecological pattern of the city’s harmony.


In the process of the park’s construction, the ecological restoration method is close to nature. It is used to solve the ecological problems of the original Dongfang Chemical Plant. At the same time, the park deeply explores the historical and cultural connotation of the Grand Canal, and creates an "urban forest park" integrating ecological restoration, leisure and amusement, and cultural heritage together.