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Art exhibition themed on trees opened in Beijing

Date: 2018.08.29 Author: Celia Tang

An art exhibition on the theme of "learning from trees" was unveiled at Beijing-based Prince Kung's Mansion on August 22nd. This art exhibition marks the past 10 years’ China Cultural Heritage Foundation has gone through. Geng Jing, the foundation's general-director, delivered the keynote speech and expressed her gratitude to all the guests present for their love and support.


"As a national-level foundation, China Cultural Heritage Foundation has been steadily promoting cultural heritage undertaking in China, and has launched more than 50 programs on the rescue and protection of cultural heritage. Also, the foundation has conducted international cultural exchanges and visited more than 10 countries in the past years," Geng Jing said.


Selfless and dedicated- the spirit of trees is worthy for human to ponder over and learn from, that is why trees were chosen as the focus of the art exhibition. A total of 120 paintings are displayed at the exhibition. More than 200 guests from all walks of life attended the opening ceremony, and the exhibition lasts until August 30th.