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Art at fingertip in National Museum

Date: 2013.06.14 Editor: Mary Bai

Recently, China National Museum is launching "fingertip read” program to help visitors better enjoy the exhibition by using two-dimensional codes. A scan of the specific code will link the viewers to the website where they can immediately get the introductory information of the exhibits.



When the visitors feel lost before a sea of exhibits with only simple tags to read, they could now use a smart phone to scan the two-dimensional code and get a detailed explanation of the exhibit, either in script or audio form. The service is receiving a warm reception. By saving the website, tourists could review the information and share the information with friends on social network platforms like Sina Weibo or Weixin.


After applying two-dimensional code for mobile phones, China National Museum plans to launch more digital tools to make it more convenient for audience to enjoy the exhibition.