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An Exhibition of Archaeological Finds from Jiuwutou opens

Date: 2020.10.30 Author: Celia Tang

"Glory of Hedong: An Exhibition of Archaeological Finds from Jiuwutou, Shanxi Province" opens on October 25. The exhibition is hosted by National Museum of China and Shanxi Culture Relics Bureau. It is supported by Shanxi Museum, Shanxi Museum of Archaeology, and Culture and Tourism Bureau of Yuncheng.


The exhibition is the first large-scale public display of the cultural relics unearthed at the Jiuwutou site. More than 170 carefully selected artifacts unearthed from the Jiuwutou site, together with a selection ofartifacts unearthed from the Xiwubi site collected by the National Museum of China, are displayed at this exhibition.


It is divided into four sections, namely, "Frontier rites and music," "Worship of wine," "Base of weaponry," and "Decorations of carriages and horses." At the same time, the exhibition displays the complex scientific process of the archaeological excavation at the Jiuwutou site to people through various forms, such as the 3D displays of the tomb sites, photos of the archaeological site and video footage of the archaeological excavation.