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798 Art District opens creative exhibition

Date: 2019.03.28 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, the winner of the Hyundai Blue Prize 2018 - Wei Ying opens an art exhibition at Hyundai Motor Studio Beijing in 798 Art District. Themed as Quasi Nature - Bio Art, Borderline and Laboratory, the exhibition will last until June 16th.


The exhibition features a series of installations and new media works from international artists including A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World and All the Insects in a House.


At the opening ceremony, the theme of the Hyundai Blue Prize 2019 -"Social Intelligence" was announced as well as the membership of the jury board, which will be made up of renowned curators and critics from home and aboard including John Rajchman, Wang Chunchen and Jiang Jun.


Since 2017, the Hyundai Blue Prize intends to provide young curators and scholars with a platform to show their talents. According to Wei Ying, the exhibition mainly focuses on the theme of Hyundai Blue Prize last year - "Future Humanity". The theme mainly discusses the human and non-human, society and nature from a global perspective. At the same time, it also predicts the various possibilities that may arise when art and science become one.